The name of our villa is taken from the name of the beach in front    "Playa Dzul-Ha". This is the Mayan name for the god of the sea, who the Romans called "Neptune" and the Greeks called "Poseidon".  In other words, this is the place where the god of the sea hangs out. Let us help you plan a luxury vacation to Cozumel, a Mexican Island in the Caribbean.


This property has been sold. It is no longer available for rent. This is typical of property you can own in Mexico.

You can stay in our 6000 sq. ft. retirement home "Villa Dzul-Ha" secure within it's gated walls for no more cost than staying in  one of the island's better hotels. Go to our "Details" pages, and click on "Recommendations" to read typical comments from our clients, and complete information about our villa and the island of Cozumel.


Villa Dzul-Ha is a luxurious three bedroom home located on a quiet, secluded part of the south beach of Cozumel four miles south of downtown. Our beach (Playa Dzul-Ha) is located between Hotel Presidente Intercontinental and Chankanaab Park and is well know for the best snorkeling on the island.  (click for map)

Dzul-Ha beach in front of house

We can help you arrange for SCUBA diving, fishing, sailing, or sightseeing trips. 

SCUBA diving trips are arranged with either the best dive shops, or better yet, one of the more experienced independent dive operators. With the independents, you can get a dive trip  customized to your needs. If you are a fisherman, we can handle that too.

For SCUBA diving, we like the boat pictured here, the "Careyitos," a 35 Bertram powered by twin diesels owned and operated by Ricardo Madrigal with the help of his excellent team of dive guides and boatmen. 

For snorkeling, the best place on the island is in front of the house. The water depth starts knee deep and increases to 30 feet at the far edge of the reef. Most of the reef is easily visible from the surface in 8 to 10 feet of water. The reef is live coral with all the tropical fish you would expect to see at a shallow reef. This is a great place for SCUBA equipment check-out dives,  macro photography, reef critter ogling, or just a fun beach dive.

For eating, Villa Dzul-Ha offers family style meals in our dining room or "cook out" patio at a bargain price or we can recommend a number of excellent restaurants in Cozumel. We recommend that you try some of both. For over fourteen years, it has been our privilege to have "Feliciana" employed as our housekeeper and cook. She has earned the praises of all our clients for her local Mayan cooking style. Check out her menu.

Feli also does a great job with fajitas, BBQ chicken & fish on the grill in our screened patio.

Use the large screened patio for BBQ cooking, hammock naps, music, reading, and relaxing.


Enjoy the sunsets from the front terrace or the "Skybox," on the rooftop. Celebrate the rising of the full moon from the back terrace or the Skybox if you are lucky enough to be in Villa Dzul-Ha on a full moon night.  



Cozumel is a place for new and exciting discoveries and experiences. Use your time there to the fullest capacity of your enjoyment. 

The memories will be unforgettable.



The detailed information has a description of our house and bedrooms, rental costs, information about our food service, restaurants in Cozumel, SCUBA diving recommendations, rental cars, taxis, etc., and letters of recommendation from some of our many satisfied clients.

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