Villa Dzul-Ha Menu (Dinner)

Day 1:

Corn Soup; Salad
Enchiladas Verdes (chicken enchiladas with green sauce)
Rice and beans
Dessert: cook's choice (see below)

Day 2:

Mexican Spaghetti Soup; Cole Slaw
Pescado Tikinchik (fish with Mayan sauce)
Carrots and chayote with butter
Dessert: cook's choice (see below)

Day 3:

Potato Soup; Salad
Pollo Alcaparrado (chicken with capers, olives, onions, and sweet peppers)
Squash with onions
Dessert: cook's choice (see below)

Day 4:

Black Bean Soup; Salad
Beef (cook's choice)
Rice, chayote and carrots with butter
Dessert: cook's choice (see below)

Day 5:

Cream of zucchini soup; Salad
Pescado Veracruzana and rice (red snapper with tomato and vegetable sauce)
Dessert: cook's choice (see below)

Day 6:

Tortilla soup
Pollo en hojas de plantano (chicken in banana leaves with Mayan sauce)
Rice and Plantains
Zucchini with onions
Dessert: cook's choice (see below)

Day 7:

Vegetable soup; Cole slaw
Pescado en Jitomate (fish with tomatoes and onions)
Parsley potatoes
Dessert: cook's choice (see below)

We have an excellent source of fish and beef fajitas now, and based on availability, we can often substitute the following at no extra cost:

fried red snapper filet
grilled fajitas


Dessert: cook's choice means Feli will prepare a dessert to compliment the meal according to her inspiration and available ingredients at the time. Her desserts include a variety of cakes, flan, ice cream with cookies, bananas & cream, peaches & cream, etc., and all of it is goood!!! 

Menu can be rearranged with adequate notice
Food seasoned HOT only by request
Meals can be deleted so you can plan to eat out

Because Cozumel is an Island dedicated 100% to tourism, food supplies must be brought in from the mainland, so expect occasional changes in the meals. We are subject to availability and freshness of food products.

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