Why should I stay at Villa Dzul-Ha?

I am sure you have been on many vacations to hotels where you found the room, the service, or the food not up to your expectations. We have had none of these complaints. Many of our clients want to hire our housekeeper "Feliciana" and take her back home with them. Please do not do this, she is one of the most important people in my life! Please click the "Recommendations" button and read several very typical commentaries about vacations to Villa Dzul-Ha.

Another reason you should stay at Villa Dzul-Ha is because of the size of the rooms, and the quality of the house. This place was built as my retirement home rather than an investment property. Over the years, we have added terraces and screened patios to increase the size to 6000 square feet. The property is worth over a $ 1,000,000. Based on this value, necessary rent would be $ 500 to $600 per night (twice the rate we are charging). Since the market in Cozumel does not support rent that high, you are really getting a bargain for your rent money. We occasionally travel to other dive resorts, and without exception, we stay in hotels and condos for more cost when the accommodations can not compare to Villa Dzul-Ha. For the price we charge, you will not find another place that can compare. Everything is top quality from the custom built mahogany furniture, the large marble bathrooms, to the satellite TV system and high quality stereo. Villa Dzul-Ha has always been kept in good repair, which as you may know, is very difficult for a place on the ocean front.

We help plan your vacation. We can arrange SCUBA diving trips with the best dive operations on the island. (We have over twenty five years experience diving in Cozumel). We discuss with you your needs and recommend different dive guides to match your experience and interests. Activities other than SCUBA can also be recommended.

We have seen a lot of correspondence on the Internet where people have been disappointed in some of the expensive "all inclusive resorts" because they expected more than they received. There seem to be a large number of very well founded complaints about food poisoning. Sure this is Mexico (the "don't drink the water" place) but you do not need to spend several days of your vacation confined to your room. There is good food and bad food in Cozumel. We can help you eat just the good food. Also, many are not able to find out what the Hotels and "All Inclusives" are like before they book. All they see is a bunch of advertising hype. If you want more detail about our villa, call us and ask us. We are the owners.

Our housekeeper,  "Feliciana, or Feli for short" will be here when you arrive. If you are not familiar with satellite TV or other modern electronics, please have Feli call us when you arrive so we can explain these operations to you. We have our own reverse osmosis water purification system that supplies purified water to all faucets in the house (including shower.) If you are not familiar with "reverse osmosis," this means you will have the purest water you have ever used. Patricio, our water system maintenance man, will come by several times during the week to make sure everything is in order. You may not notice him because the water system room has an outside entrance. The other maintenance personnel you may see from time to time are Jose, our electrician/plumber and Juan the gardener. Our entire staff has been working for us for years, and have proven to be very trustworthy. If anything quits working, please do not attempt repairs or adjustments. Let Feli know and she will get it fixed.

And last but not necessarily least is the electronic facilities we have. We can't absolutely promise that all our electronics will be working all the time, especially in this third world country, but we have very reasonable reliability and a world class electronics technician to keep it working.

1) We have a high quality entertainment system including satellite TV with programming from USA, CD & DVD players, and stereo music from the satellite.

2) For the phone system, you can make and receive local calls. We also have a toll free number connecting Villa Dzul-Ha with Houston, Texas. This allows you to make or receive phone calls to or from anywhere in the USA toll free. A caller outside the Houston area would only pay the toll from his location to Houston, but not the international rate.

3) If you need to stay in communication with your e-mail, our villa has a high speed wireless internet system. For your laptop, you need a wireless laptop adapter card compatible with 802.11b. If this is all Greek to you, and you want to use your laptop to connect to the Internet, our electronics technician can loan you a card and make the connection for a nominal fee.

Try us; you will agree that Villa Dzul-Ha is the perfect choice.


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